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A perfect referral for me are architects, developers, and contractors who need a permit expeditor that understands city code very well.
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Business Description

Permit Expeditor and Land Use Experts

Keepers Land Planning is urban planning and consulting company with over 8 years of development experience in commercial, residential and multi-family development.  We specialize in permit expediting, land use expert, urban planning, and development.  They specialize in residential new builds and land planning.  They have experience working with the City of Austin and the surrounding suburbs. 

Keepers Land Planning provides developers with a trusted project manager to facilitate their investment.  Different from other teams they walk the client through the entire development process from land review to the completed project.  Whether the development is on vacant land or is a complete teardown the process is simple.  The team provides land feasibility based on land use, market value, zoning, and city/county ordinances.   These professionals are well connected with Austin's development network and also work all over Texas and the US.  They hire the architect, engineer, interior designer, construction company, land surveyor that are the best fit for the project.   

They have several fields of expertise

  • Permitting for Residential and Commercial
  • Land Feasibility
  • Project Management 
    • PUD Developments 
    • Communication Liaison
    • Residential
    • Mixed-Use

Accreditations & Qualifications

Texas A & M University Master's in Urban and Regional Planning

8 years of Land Planning ‚Äč