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Dr Brent is very talented and really knows how to get the body to shift structurally with his adjustments and exercises and his staff are all knowledgable and friendly! Great place to get healthy1

I have been working with Dr Smith for several months and have seen significant improvement..EVEN to my scoliosis! Which surprised me! He and all his staff are kind, attentive and knowledgeable!
I highly recommend Smith Family Chiropractic to anyone suffering from back pain!

by Adam Milne

Dr. Smith is the best there is. If you want a plan in place for long-term health and want to create a relationship with someone who cares more about you than an insurance company or a premium payment, check him out. It is a decision you WON'T regret!

I have been on the Maximize Life protocol for about a month with Dr.Brent Smith and I am feeling much more flexibility and can see the logic behind the program.
Dr Smith is a wonderful educator and great encourager. His staff is friendly, informative and efficient .
Thank you Brent, Crystal and Christine

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