Janet Roark, Hill Country Mobile Veterinary Service

Pet and horse owners searching for integrative options for their animals.

Business Description

Veterinarian - Austin, Texas

Hill Country Mobile Veterinary Service offers at home or on the farm veterinary care for your animals. 


My Recommendations

I have known Dr Roark for many years when she originally was practicng allopathic veterinary medicine but had lost touch with her. I was super excited to find out that she has since developed her practice to be a more holistic type of practice, using acupuncture, chinese herbal medicine and essential oils. I have since had her work on several of my animals regularly. She is extremely patient with them and very intuitive. She even managed to perform acupuncture on one of my cats. My horse loves her and I am very pleased with the results. Definitely consider using Janet if you are in need of veterinary services.

from Stefanie Dwyer

Accreditations & Qualifications

  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
  • Veterinary Acupuncturist
  • Certified Aromatherapist
  • Equestrian