Landon Arnold, Thela Media Group

Thela Media Group Business Growth Consultant
I'm looking for businesses who are interested in utilizing the groundbreaking methodology of Facebook Messenger marketing as a part of their strategy.

What's Happening?

Business Description

Thela Media Group is a consortium of intensely creative individuals from across the country, each an expert in their field, brought together in one group to accomplish any promotional need for any level of company. With virtually no internal overhead the cost of our services are incredibly affordable. 

In modern society, staying up to speed with other companies can seem difficult, and social media, search engine results and interactive website content control how people perceive a brand. With a little dedication and us on your side, we can grow your business organically and boost your competitive edge.

My Recommendations

Landon thinks outside the box, therefore the information he shares is way and above the other companies as to how to get your business RECOGNIZED and CHOSEN. He intuits what your company actually is and does and knows how to present you in a way that 'sticks' in your markets mind!

I paid Shark Tank Academy a LOT of money to help me get a product out of my mind and onto the drawing board for their cad drawers and all I got was strictly business information rather than the creative input I needed. Landon 'got it' as soon as we started talking.

If you are looking to have your business out there, up front and chosen, call Landon, his extensive team will get it done for you!

from Sherry Williams

I asked Landon for some assistance with marketing materials. Not only was he easy to work with, but the team did a fantastic job. I am very pleased with how they turned out and will be continuing to use his services for this. He is also extremely knowledgeable with regards to the key components of am online presence. I highly recommend a conversation with Landon if you want to up your game and improve your visibility.

from Stefanie Dwyer