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Who needs Covid support moving past uncertainty,anxiety,depression,fear,childhood trauma,chronic pain to peace of mind
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Trauma Resolution Specialist , Austin, TX 

I offer sessions in person or via Skype or Zoom

So grateful we are starting to come out of Covid isolation!  With all the confusing instructions and information, the uncertainty and anxiety from our changing daily routines, I am here to assist navigating through emotions, depression anxiety and finding new ways of relating, being and thriving.

Think of an experience that causes you to react/respond consistently to the world in a way you would prefer being different...would you like to reframe that and actually have the response/reaction be more empowering and positive? 

Would you like to feel safe and empowered, living from your heart?

In my Angel Hands Trauma Resolution and Massage practice, my passion is working with those who are ready to move from the pain of old trauma patterns into Trauma Resolution. Whether the trauma lies in body, mind or spirit, it CAN be resolved so you can live pain free, relaxed, hopeful. healthy and happy. I work Somatically(of the body) in a combination of ways including, Trauma Resolution as well as Somatic Experiencing, Body Awareness and Somatic Education, Cranial Sacral, Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping, several types of energy work, chakra balancing, entity clearing and many other healing ways I have learned over the last 19years. I also offer transformational and relaxing, healing bodywork and massage.

CHILDREN:NEW !!! I AM EXCITED TO NOW BE TEACHING REDIRECTING CHILDREN’S BEHAVIOR CLASSES for caregivers, teachers and parents!  Tired of the struggles, arguments & rebellion?  Would you like your children to WANT to cooperate? This class is for you!  8 weeks, 3 hours 1 day/evening a week.    

  I enjoy and have had success working with children from 6-up, whether it is cutting, trichotillomania (hair pulling), anxiety, eating disorders, suicidal tendencies, anxiety over driving, relationships, school, tests, nightmares etc.

RELATIONSHIPS: Through Trauma Resolution, we find a deepened understanding of self and achieve sustained relaxation as well as finding life choice directions through intuitive spiritual and personal coaching.  I work with children, adults and couples assisting their transforming old relational patterns into clear, loving, communicative and healthy relationships, transforming chronic pain/illnesses to comfortable healthy lives as we re-parent the inner child, give back old detrimental messages and resolve trauma.

     If you are having or have had relational traumas, relationship issues, breakups or loss of a loved one and are experiencing grief, fear, pain, anxiety or fear of starting another relationship or committing in the one you are in, Trauma Resolution can make a profound difference.  I have individual and or couples sessions available. I also do mediation for couples who want to work through to a solution or with those prior to divorce proceedings.

ACUTE: If you have/had any kind of acute trauma, ie: a wreck and find yourself in fear of driving or having anxiety when you pass the place you wrecked, if you still have pain and are in need of relief from any of the above, Trauma Resolution and massage can make a profound difference.

      Acute traumas such as wrecks, falls, attacks, dog bites, drownings, sports impacts, water skiing, snow skiing incidents all can be resolved with Trauma Resolution.  Sometimes in one session as it was a one time event, depending on how it was handled at the time.

PTSD: If you have PTSD from relationships, the way you were raised, war, or other traumatic events, Trauma Resolution can make a profound and more important a lasting difference. I have lived with PTSD since childhood

CHILDHOOD:  Developmental traumas, living in a home with alcoholism, drug addiction, physical, sexual, mental, verbal or emotional abuse,witnessing abuse, a caregiver who was bipolar, BPD or had other emotional/mental issues can cause one to have fear, anxiety, relationship issues as well as PTSD, Trauma Resolution can make a profound difference in living your life happy, with hope and trust.

I non-surgically remove shoulders from earlobes and assist bodies in re-membering their comfy places through Trauma Resolution and Massage 

Mediumship and intuitive readings available either individually or along with other sessions.

Trauma Resolution assists in finding a healthy, happy, hopeful life available to us all!

WORKSHOPS: I co host workshops for women (Women Who Want Their Best Life to Come to Them ~ a Meetup group), Caregivers of children ie; parents/step parents, nannies, au pairs, teachers, daycare workers, ( Redirecting Children's Behavior), Couples ( Rediscover Your Love and Connection),Co Gender ( Creating Space to Trust Opposite Sex and Trust Yourself) Bi-Weekly Meditation groups...7-8:30pm Thursdays and Sundays



My Recommendations

Sherry is fantastic. I have been using Sherry for massage, Reiki, EFT and Somatic Experiencing services for over 10 years now. She is highly intuitive and very professional. I have sent over 20 referrals to Sherry over the years without hesitation and will continue to do so. Highly recommended.

from Jefre Outlaw

Sherry is very intiutive. She is such a kind and warm person it is easy to talk to her about whatever is on your mind. It is easy to see she is not judgemental and truly cares and wants to help people.
Thank you Sherry for all the fine work you have done.

from James Werling

Accreditations & Qualifications

As the owner/practitioner at Angel Hands Trauma Resolution and Massage, I am also a facilitator of Redirecting Childrens Behavior, I co host workshops for women ( Women Who Want Their Best Life Come to Them~Meet-up.) I offer Somatic Experiencing (SEP 3yr training then coordinated/facilitated training for 6 yrs, Body Awareness and Somatic Education (BASE a 1yr training and advanced), Cranial Sacral (CSP), Reiki, Neurostructural Integration Technique (NST), Emotional Freedom Tapping ( EFT 1&2)I  have continued my education over the past 15 years in various modalities and therapies as I am constantly fascinated by our body, mind, spirit connection.  I also do intuitive and mediumship readings. Trauma Resolution is the culmination of all the above training along with my natural gifts. I also offer therapeutic massage.

I am fully present, mature and a compassionate therapist and each session is individual to you and your experiences and needs, nothing rote. Trauma Resolution and relaxation with HEART!  HEALING FROM THE INSIDE OUT!