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by Cash Matthews

Sherry Williams is a gifted healer. Her ability to help you identify health and personal roadblocks is outstanding. After knowing Sherry now for a while, she is someone I completely trust.

by Victoria Tran

I recently had my wisdom teeth removed and came for some help with my healing, since I was under a lot of pain and inflammation that would not go away. Her work is beyond anything I can compare it to, because of her extensive experience and combination of modalities. Her work combined physical elements with energetic and emotional elements on such an intuitive level, allowing for vast improvement in my healing for the first time since the surgery. My jaw immediately felt less tight after her session and I could open my mouth more, in addition to an unexpected emotional release and revelation that felt amazing. I could feel and hear my body moving around due to her energy work as well. I have before and after pictures to show the physical improvement just one session made, which is nothing short of AMAZING!

Sherry is the best investment in a better life. She helped me discover where my blocks were in my relationships and in my life and how to heal these in order to have a happy life. She taught me tools that I use on a daily basis and allow me to feel safe in my body and be grounded, how to shield myself from energies that didn't belong to me, and how to have a deeper connection with myself. If you feel stuck in any aspect of your life and you're willing to work on yourself she's the best person to see.

I have had the joy of working with Sherry professionally for over 13 years now. She has guided me to improving my life immensely. I highly recommend her and have personally referred many friends to her over the years.

by Victoria Tran

Sherry always leaves me in awe. She was so in tune with my energy during my session and tapped into things I never knew I was dealing with. My session with her has dramatically changed my life for the better. She also gives off such warm and caring vibes and gives me such a safe space to be vulnerable. I think everyone needs to have a session with her, whether or not they think they need it, because I definitely was very surprised at what was unearthed during my session.

by Adam Milne

Sherry is a master at her craft and knows how to connect with her clients on a whole other level. She comes very highly recommended, is reasonably priced, and knows how to solve many mental and physical problems.

I met Sherry through BoB. She has a very unique approach to trauma and is willing and able to help someone deal with their unique circumstances. She is able to meet them where they are at and is comforting and supportive. I have referred patients over to her and will continue to do so.

by James Werling

Sherry is very intiutive. She is such a kind and warm person it is easy to talk to her about whatever is on your mind. It is easy to see she is not judgemental and truly cares and wants to help people.
Thank you Sherry for all the fine work you have done.

Sherry is wonderful to work with. She gives very specific answers on anything that is blocking me from moving forward in life and gives me the tools to create the life I want for myself. She brings instant clarity in every area of my life. Whenever I have had a session with her, my soul feels nourished and I'm excited about life.

I had a wonderful session with Sherry yesterday! I don't only see her for massages (where she knows which points need attention!) but also for therapeutic work.
She has helped me tremendously in looking at my own shadows, giving me tools to create the life I want for myself. She is very intuitive and 'nails it' every single time. I can't think of a better way to spend my money if I want to work on myself. I've recommended her to my brother as well - living in Belgium. They do Skype sessions and I'm so happy for him he can have access to Sherry in this way as well. Thank you for responding to your calling Sherry. You're a blessing to many.

by Kim Sherman

Great massage!

Sherry is fantastic. I have been using Sherry for massage, Reiki, EFT and Somatic Experiencing services for over 10 years now. She is highly intuitive and very professional. I have sent over 20 referrals to Sherry over the years without hesitation and will continue to do so. Highly recommended.

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