Recommendations that Sherry Williams has given

by Tommy Hollahan

Tommy cares not only about getting you the very best on your mortgage when buying a home, he will also go over your existing mortgage to make sure you have the best interest rate!

He also is a native Austinite! A rare find! and he loves giving back to the community by donating to many various charities with each customer he serves, or you may chose your favorite for him. Truly a kindhearted soul who will take care of you like family!

Stef is awesome at getting to the root of what's not flowing in your meridians and shifting that with her acupuncture and Chinese medicine.

She is compassionate and explains in a way that is easily understood what she is doing. Great talent!

by Curt Laughlin

Shannon can show you how to invest in your future even if you don't have a ton of money to do so with. She can go over your retirement and show you where you can change a few things to make a great difference for you and your family and the future!

She is present, involved and cares deeply

by Robert Ridenour

Robert is a magician when it comes to your audio, video needs being made beautiful and simplified. He designs everything from hiding all your wires, getting your internet working properly to filling your home with music or creating a media space that is amazing!

Many years of experience, creativity and knowledge go into everything he does

by Nancy Fierro

Nancy makes bookkeeping and payroll simple and efficient with a great sense of humor, which is a good thing to have when working with numbers and your money!!

Marlene is an instructor in how to get your taxes done properly and makes it easy to understand what works and why.
She made it easy for me to get why I needed to make certain changes and how to do so simply.

She is a master at shifting perspectives and perception of tax matters.

If you have a problem with IRS or haven't filed, call Marlene today! She will guide you out of the mire!

by Landon Arnold

Landon thinks outside the box, therefore the information he shares is way and above the other companies as to how to get your business RECOGNIZED and CHOSEN. He intuits what your company actually is and does and knows how to present you in a way that 'sticks' in your markets mind!

I paid Shark Tank Academy a LOT of money to help me get a product out of my mind and onto the drawing board for their cad drawers and all I got was strictly business information rather than the creative input I needed. Landon 'got it' as soon as we started talking.

If you are looking to have your business out there, up front and chosen, call Landon, his extensive team will get it done for you!

by Jennifer Flynn

Jennifer has wonderful, natural skin care products and can match you with the proper care for your skin. She is friendly and helpful and cares about what works for you!

Jefre is extremely knowledgable and passionate about all the green tiny homes they offer.

He can answer all your questions and if you have property to create a community of tiny homes, he has all the expertise to find out the laws and restrictions and get a home/homes onto your property!

He is efficient, straightforward and friendly, listening to your needs and making it happen for you!
Start your own community TODAY!

by James Werling

James is magical in his reading the body and assisting the facia to release and get into place with his treatments. I trust him with his dry needling and deep manipulation of muscles and facia and have experienced great shifts.

Highly recommend his treatments for recovery or to assist in moving into a better balanced space.

Dr Brent is very talented and really knows how to get the body to shift structurally with his adjustments and exercises and his staff are all knowledgable and friendly! Great place to get healthy1

I have been working with Dr Smith for several months and have seen significant improvement..EVEN to my scoliosis! Which surprised me! He and all his staff are kind, attentive and knowledgeable!
I highly recommend Smith Family Chiropractic to anyone suffering from back pain!

by Jennifer Flynn

Jennifer is quick to share information and get the right product for your skin. she is friendly and helpful and knowledgable! Thank you Jennifer for fresher skin!

by James Werling

James intuitively gets down to the root and facia of the body's restricted places and assists in their release into more flow and movement.
I had a spasm in my diaphragm which caused me to slouch forward. In one session I was sitting erect without effort.
Thank you James

I have been on the Maximize Life protocol for about a month with Dr.Brent Smith and I am feeling much more flexibility and can see the logic behind the program.
Dr Smith is a wonderful educator and great encourager. His staff is friendly, informative and efficient .
Thank you Brent, Crystal and Christine

by Adam Milne

I appreciate how knowledgable and passionate Adam is about serving his clients through Brown Insurance Group. Not only did they save me about $500 on my multiple insurance coverages, Adam is quick to answer questions and share great information! Thanks Adam!

I have worked with Jefre for over 10 years in many different capacities. Jefre is one of the most connected people I know. Not only does he network, he connects on a deep level, building trust and community along with the many services he offers.

by Sarah Nuhn

Sarah listens, gets the product that most serves your marketing needs and makes sure you are happy! Thanks!

by Mark Whitehead

Mark truly cares about the Zen he brings to his customers when he creates their outdoor oasis! He is dedicated to doing the job right and their satisfaction.

by Sara Crocker

Sara has the BEST customer service ever and her Arbonne products are awesome and natural! Thanks Sara!

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