Recommendations that Stefanie Dwyer has given

by Janet Roark

I have known Dr Roark for many years when she originally was practicng allopathic veterinary medicine but had lost touch with her. I was super excited to find out that she has since developed her practice to be a more holistic type of practice, using acupuncture, chinese herbal medicine and essential oils. I have since had her work on several of my animals regularly. She is extremely patient with them and very intuitive. She even managed to perform acupuncture on one of my cats. My horse loves her and I am very pleased with the results. Definitely consider using Janet if you are in need of veterinary services.

by Victoria Tran

I have known Victoria for a while now and she is very bright and passionate about what she does. She has a wonderful energy about her and it would be well worth your time and efforts to work with her.

by Landon Arnold

I asked Landon for some assistance with marketing materials. Not only was he easy to work with, but the team did a fantastic job. I am very pleased with how they turned out and will be continuing to use his services for this. He is also extremely knowledgeable with regards to the key components of am online presence. I highly recommend a conversation with Landon if you want to up your game and improve your visibility.

by Nancy Fierro

Nancy has been helping me get payroll set up for a new employee. She has walked me thru each step with confidence and made the process easy.

by Adam Milne

I asked Adam to come give a presentation to a class I teach about the in's and out's of various business insurances. He did a very nice job in the class and prompted quite a bit of interaction on a topic which historically is quite dry. I will continue having him come in down the road for this portion of the class.

by James Werling

I have been working with James on a neck issue. he is very professional and competent. I have enjoyed working with him. Additional as one medical professional to another, I will continue to refer patients to him when I see the need.

by Sherry Williams

I met Sherry through BoB. She has a very unique approach to trauma and is willing and able to help someone deal with their unique circumstances. She is able to meet them where they are at and is comforting and supportive. I have referred patients over to her and will continue to do so.

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