Recommendations that Jefre Outlaw has given

Myself and my family have been using Shelly's professional wellness services for 5+ years now. When western medicine has failed you and the lotions and potions your well meaning friend's recommend do not work call Shelley ASAP. She can be your intuitive guide back to wholeness, health and whole body bliss. We highly recommend Shelley.

by Lorinda Moya

For the last 3 years all of our promotional product needs for our 4 companies were bought from Lorinda Moya at Lemonade Promo. Limitless selections, fantastic attentive and personal service at the best prices. We highly recommend Lorinda.

by Lorinda Moya

Love working with Lorinda on all my promotional products needs. She has the ability to look at what I think I want or need and take a strategic approach on how best to get the marketing impact I am looking for the least cost. She is worth gold as a vendor/partner to me and my business. Highly recommended.

I had been dealing with a physical ailment for over 1 year seeing several practitioners that all helped improve the condition. It was not until I did multiple sessions with Shelley Kaplar that I did see consistent lasting improvement. I must say that my quality of life is significantly improved since my treatments with Shelley. I highly recommend Shelley.

by Bernard Walter

I continue to use BJ Walter for all legal matters relating to my business. He responds quickly, stays in communication with me so I know what the status is and completes all work accurately on time and at or under budget. I highly recommend BJ for all your legal needs. If he cannot do it he will refer you to someone that can.

by Carlos Munoz

Carlos planned our honeymoon to Hawaii from scratch in about 6 weeks and did a wonderful job. We worked closely with Carlos to choose activities we would enjoy and would make the trip into an adventure and not just a vacation. We had a wonderful time and couldn't have done this without him. So if you want a great trip that is an adventure and not just a boring vacation call Carlos.

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