Kay McManus, K-Kan, Inc.

K-Kan, Inc. Professional assistance & Organization
3267 Bee Cave Road
Companies or persons that need assistance with office, home, records, accounting organization in the Southwest Austin area.

Business Description

Organization Assistance in Austin, West Lake, Lakeway, Gonzales, Texas areas  

Kay Muelker McManus is the founder of K-Kan, Inc.

K-Kan, Inc is a business services, organiser company.  Our service helps to ease stress, increase productivity giving you an improved sense of control. We handle items that you either do not have time to do or simply don’t want to do. We organize your office, files, accounting documents, contacts and help with marketing efforts.  With it's team of associates, K-Kan, Inc also provides moving in or out consolidation and services that includes your kitchen, closets, garage and other make ready services.  

Accreditations & Qualifications

Certified Professional Organizer 

Ten years full-time experience'  running K-Kan, Inc (Established in September 2009).