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Vitality Optimizer

Vitality Optimizer Massage & Alternative Healing
2611 Bee Cave Rd Apt 106
A perfect referal would be someone who is suffering from long haulers syndrome
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What's Happening?

Business Description

I am The Vitality Optimizer and creator of The Kaplar Method, which has allowed me to become the expert with autoimmune disorders and concussions. This technique style allows me to not only work with clients locally, but also work with clients distantly to be able to help give people back their quality of life around the globe. I literally get people healthy from the inside out. 

My Recommendations

I had been dealing with a physical ailment for over 1 year seeing several practitioners that all helped improve the condition. It was not until I did multiple sessions with Shelley Kaplar that I did see consistent lasting improvement. I must say that my quality of life is significantly improved since my treatments with Shelley. I highly recommend Shelley.

from Jefre Outlaw

Shelley is a master bodyworker in my eyes - her new 'stacking' work leaves me with more energy, vibrance & a deep groundedness after just 2 sessions. Can't wait to see what the next 2 will bring!

from Grace Lanni

It has been a necessity and a pleasure that Shelley has provided her knowledge and healing talent to bring me back to health. She has done what the 9 different Western medicine doctors couldn't. She figured out what was going on in my body and has healed me more with each Kaplar Method treatment. Shelley cares. Shelley is gifted. Shelley gets the healing done! I recommend Shelley wholeheartedly for anyone that desires to heal.

from Cheryl Ressmann from Ressmann Heritage Meats, LLC

Shelley has a unique healing gift which defies labels. She practices her own Kaplar technique to identify areas of 'heaviness' or dis-ease and guide the body towards wellness through directed energy. This is a simplistic description of her work and doesn't do justice. You need to experience it yourself, especially if you have tried other means with no relief, have flummoxed other providers or have been told nothing can be done.

from Michele Spennato from Michele Spennato Energy Medicine Practitioner

Accreditations & Qualifications

Bachelor's of Science degree in Health Sciences

PhD in Metaphysics