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I had been dealing with a physical ailment for over 1 year seeing several practitioners that all helped improve the condition. It was not until I did multiple sessions with Shelley Kaplar that I did see consistent lasting improvement. I must say that my quality of life is significantly improved since my treatments with Shelley. I highly recommend Shelley.

by Grace Lanni

Shelley is a master bodyworker in my eyes - her new 'stacking' work leaves me with more energy, vibrance & a deep groundedness after just 2 sessions. Can't wait to see what the next 2 will bring!

Non member recommendations

Shelley is absolutely incredible. I don't know how she works, but it's the closest thing to magic I've ever experienced. Seeing Shelley was easily the easiest and BEST thing I did for my health in 2018 (and I did a lot)! She truly has a gift to heal people and bring out their vitality, or life force if you will. I've never had more energy, mental clarity, and my autoimmune disease symptoms are at a point to where I hardly remember I have one! I'm so glad I trusted my gut, took the leap of faith and said yes to seeing her, she has changed my life and health for the better.

by Grace Robertson from A + G Marketing

When I found Shelly, I had almost lost hope that I would ever feel healthy again. I suffered from extreme exhaustion and daily migraines that I couldn’t explain. I visited doctors and had tests run, but all of my results came back normal. I was taking care of myself, eating healthily, getting plenty of sleep, doing all the right things, and still suffering from poor health. I found out about Shelly through a mutual acquaintance who had had lifesaving results from Shelly’s treatments and decided to see if she could help with my situation. Within a matter of weeks, the migraines had stopped completely, and my energy levels were back to normal, and after four months of treatment, I continue to experience improved health. Shelly has an extraordinary gift and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking improved health and vitality.

by Michelle Deere from MARS Kitchen Events

Shelley was a complete lifesaver to me. I hurt my back playing golf and could not get it right. I tried every possible treatment with no luck. I know Shelley from a networking group and she told me she could help. Within two sessions of seeing her I played 18 holes with no pain. I saw here 8 times in total and my back has been feeling great for over 5+ months. She is a miracle worker!!

by Brian from Profit Foundry

Shelley is amazing! Her ability to intuit the core issues and treat them efficiently and effectively has been a huge factor in my healing process. I am truly grateful for her practice, and I highly recommend her to anyone in search of relief and healing.

by Jim Brown from AGP

Shelley has helped myself and three other family members, where Western medicine hadn't been able to. She is a modern day miracle worker, who figures out the underlying cause of what you want to work on. She helps you understand the process as you go through your treatments. If you are ready to heal, then that's what will happen when you work with Shelley. Go for the experience and stay for the unlimited possibilities.

by David Wolfe from Wolfe Engagement Group

Shelley has a unique healing gift which defies labels. She practices her own Kaplar technique to identify areas of 'heaviness' or dis-ease and guide the body towards wellness through directed energy. This is a simplistic description of her work and doesn't do justice. You need to experience it yourself, especially if you have tried other means with no relief, have flummoxed other providers or have been told nothing can be done.

by Michele Spennato from Michele Spennato Energy Medicine Practitioner

It has been a necessity and a pleasure that Shelley has provided her knowledge and healing talent to bring me back to health. She has done what the 9 different Western medicine doctors couldn't. She figured out what was going on in my body and has healed me more with each Kaplar Method treatment. Shelley cares. Shelley is gifted. Shelley gets the healing done! I recommend Shelley wholeheartedly for anyone that desires to heal.

by Cheryl Ressmann from Ressmann Heritage Meats, LLC

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