Recommendations that Shelley Kaplar has given

Nancy is like the Fairy Godmother in the insurance world! Within her vast network she finds her clients the best choice and fit to not only save you money, but to so provide you with the best coverage! Her clients are her passion and she won't leave you ghosted by any means.

Lorinda's passion for her work is truly bar none! Her creative gift far surpasses anything I've seen! She has the unique ability to match you and your business with the perfect promotional product. Her work is jaw dropping amazing!

Jefre is truly the master in the tiny home market! He's gifted in the way that he knows what's out there and what to match you with to suit you and your needs perfectly!

by D M

Dagan has a true passion for his clients and in what he does! It's very rare you see someone get excited with being able to save you money in providing you with this type of insurance!

Carlos and his wife have this unique way of making QuickBooks not be a painful ordeal. It's truly magical the way they can whip everything into shape and get everything all organized for you!

Astrid is extremely thorough and patient when helping you set up your BoB club profile! Her vast knowledge of the inner workings of BoB club make the task quick and painless!

Richard's knowledge when it comes to internet security is vast, highly informative, and greatly interesting! At first thought you may think that you don't need this, or at least not yet. However why would a person wait until something does happens, when any issues could would have been avoided in the first place with Richard and his cape wearing super talents would've caught it straight away. I am continually grateful for his work and learning from him.

by Aaron Lee

Aaron works magic like no other when it comes to getting you the best rates for you and your house. His compassion for others provides you with personalized service, which leaves you feeling like you've walked out of his office as a friend and not just a quota for the month.

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