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Company:Nancy K Insurance Agency.
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Address:2312 Western Trails Blvd, Ste 102B
TX 78745

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Business Description

My company, Nancy Kuznieski Insurance Agency, Inc. was founded in 1999. We are family owned and operated. My daughter is my right-hand person and a top-producer in the agency. She has been a member of my staff since 2000. I love what I do because I enjoy working with people and solving their insurance issues. We have clients that have been with us since we launched our company and realize above average retention of those clients. They rely on us to monitor their insurance and communicate changes as needed. Our other staff member has been with the agency since 2016 and is vital to the success of the agency, He has a marketing degree and was delighted to become a member of our agency team. As a producer, he to works directly with clients in creating an insurance program that fits their need and their budget. We all work diligently for our clients and their satisfaction!

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