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Guild Mortgage Mortgage Loan Officer
8300 N MoPac
Suite 125
I welcome the opportunity to work with someone that needs guidance in obtaining a residential mortgage and help with getting their credit improved.
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Business Description

Dick Dunbar brings his professional experiences as a CPA, (now inactive) and Vice President of Finance for some of Dallas, Texas’ largest real estate developers to benefit his clients. His professional experience as an entrepreneur and real estate developer adds value to his services as a residential mortgage loan originator. Using his financial background, he starts with determining the borrower’s goals and objectives for obtaining a mortgage. He works with them to establish their monthly mortgage budget and the amount of down payment a borrower can make. Based upon this information he determines the amount of loan needed to meet his client’s goal and help establish the purchase price range. 

In addition to a mortgage to purchase a residential home, Dick works with client interested in lowering their monthly mortgage payment by refinancing to better rates and terms. If a client needs cash out he can provide such a loan.

Dick enjoys working with first time home buyers to place them in the best financial position possible and have good credit scores to qualify for a loan when they are ready to buy. 
His experience as a real estate investor and advisor gives him the ability to assist investment real estate client obtain an investment mortgage that will meet their goals for return on investments (ROI). 
His 15 years in the residential mortgage business provides him with the knowledge to do creative financing when a borrower does not fit the requirements for the standard loan. 

Dick and his team are committed to providing their client with a stress-free mortgage processes, competitive rates and terms, on time closing, and hands on customer service. Give him a call and experience what an experience loan originator can offer. 

My Recommendations

Dick brings a wealth of knowledge and caring to his work with his clients. He is known for going the extra mile for his referral partners and customers. Highly recommend Dick!

from Wendy Kratzer

Accreditations & Qualifications

NMLS # 309376/Company NMLS # 3274


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