Hallie Duke, Dr. Duke Consulting, LLC

Dr. Duke Consulting, LLC Operational Strategy Consultant
Small business executives who need help organizing their business operations and giving their teams focus.
Information Manager

Business Description

Operational Strategist, Austin, Texas.

Dr. Duke Consulting, LLC works with executives and entrepreneurs to shift their focus from operational details to the strategic growth of their business.. Dr. Duke designs and facilitates strategic improvements and growth for their organizations using her extensive experience as a trusted advisor, operational strategist, and problem solver to creating customized solutions that deliver results. 

Dr. Duke Consulting, LLC specializes in working with executives and entrepreneurs create repeatable, scalable processes that increase efficiency and lead to greater team independence. I work with the team to create actionable plans that allow business leaders to realize their vision and create a legacy. Dr. Hallie Duke has over 15 years’ experience designing and successfully implementing executive operations and executive facilitation, major reorganizations, state-wide strategic planning, organizational assessments, PMO management, critical project problem solving, health data analytics and data exchange policies, IT governance redesign, and more.

When working together, the relationship starts with Dr. Duke fully understanding the vision of what the executive leader wants to accomplish in their organization. Whether they want to launch a new initiative, create or renew a strategic plan, or solve a problem in their operations, Dr. Duke will take that vision and study the operational processes and data and facilitate sessions to understand the team dynamics that are affecting the ability to move forward. She integrates the business data and the team dynamics to design the path towards the vision. Dr. Duke maintains close communication with the executive leader throughout the process because she is passionate about helping them achieve their vision. That’s what it’s all about!

Dr. Duke Consulting, LLC specialties include making complex systems and information easy to understand (decluttering the cluster-gaggle), designing customized data gathering tools, and getting diverse teams to move forward and succeed when nothing else has worked. 

Accreditations & Qualifications

Dr. Hallie Duke’s Education:

BA in Psychology from Texas A&M University, Class of ’90 (minor in German).

MS (1993) and PhD (1997) in Child & Family Development from the University of Georgia.

Dr. Duke Consulting, LLC – Past Experience:

Eighteen+ years of experience in executive facilitation and designing, managing and implementing large scale projects and strategic planning in a large public health agency (12,000 employees; >200 programs).  

The diversity of experience I had there gives me confidence that as Dr. Duke Consulting, LLC, I can move into virtually any organization and design smart strategies and solve complex problems

  • Examples of my experience include: over a decade of executive facilitation in a dynamic policy environment, large- and small-scale reorganizations, agency-wide operational assessments, PMO management, agency-wide and state-wide strategic planning, emergency preparedness and response, health data exchange, health information technology policy, enterprise architecture design, IT governance, health policy, legislative funding proposals, writing major reports, and evaluation of regulatory operations.

In addition to those professional experiences, the lessons I learned raising a child with neurological and developmental disorders have helped me work exceptionally well with individuals and teams. This experience built on my naturally strong interpersonal skills to give me insights and practices for how to meet people right where they are in order to get them where they need to go.