Jefre Outlaw, HausFli

HausFli Tiny Home Builder/Developer
3300 Bee Caves Road #650-155
West Lake Hills
Residential home owners interested in adding a small home in the backyard of their existing home for family, short term or long term rental.

Business Description

Tiny home buyer & seller, Texas

HausFli was founded out of a clear need for a better way to buy and sell tiny homes. 

The movement towards tiny homes on wheels isn't just about individuals and families choosing to live more simply. The advantages of tiny houses on wheels are clear. They're built, wired and ready to go. The uses, therefore, are numerous: 

  • Tiny house hotels
  • Long-term hotels
  • Housing for seasonal workers
  • BnB opportunities for property owners
  • Pop-up retail spaces
  • Housing for corporate retreats
  • Sustainable agrihood development

The list could go on, but the truth is that the supply for tiny homes is limited. Lots of people are struggling to sell their used tiny homes. That's why we connect the buyers and sellers, and provide an array of tools to get these houses new homes: Auctions, online classifieds, and a suite of services that support the owner in their tiny home life. 




My Recommendations

I have worked with Jefre for over 10 years in many different capacities. Jefre is one of the most connected people I know. Not only does he network, he connects on a deep level, building trust and community along with the many services he offers.

from Sherry Williams

Jefre is extremely knowledgable and passionate about all the green tiny homes they offer.

He can answer all your questions and if you have property to create a community of tiny homes, he has all the expertise to find out the laws and restrictions and get a home/homes onto your property!

He is efficient, straightforward and friendly, listening to your needs and making it happen for you!
Start your own community TODAY!

from Sherry Williams

Accreditations & Qualifications