Nancy Fierro, Simplified Payroll and Bookkeeping

Small business owners who process payroll for 1 - 10 employees.
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Simplified Payroll and Bookkeeping

Master at Repairing Bad Bookkeeping and Extraordinaire Payroll Process

We can help with Your Payroll Responsibilities 

If you don't have the time, talents, or tools to handle your operation's payroll duties, call Simplified Payroll and Bookkeeping at 833-204-4540.   Our team is trained to make payroll smooth, easy, and dependable process for you and your staff so you can deal with other pressing business matters.
Let us be your resource for your payroll processing
  • Payroll outsourcing
  • Direct deposit
  • Report center
  • Payroll taxes
  • Employee can access pay stub Online   

We provide payroll locally and nationally. 

We have saved some of one client up to $5200 a year on their weekly processing fee. This allowed them to use their fund towards other ares in the business such as Marketing. 






My Recommendations

Nancy makes bookkeeping and payroll simple and efficient with a great sense of humor, which is a good thing to have when working with numbers and your money!!

from Sherry Williams

Nancy has been helping me get payroll set up for a new employee. She has walked me thru each step with confidence and made the process easy.

from Stefanie Dwyer

From the day we opened our store, Nancy has been there for us. She helped us set up our business years ago and she has been with us ever since. Honest, loyal, reliable and really knows her stuff. If you want someone who knows her stuff and who you can count on, Nancy is your gal.

from Cherie from Storied Firearms Inc