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looking for people to speak with who are looking to find exactly how to manifest their best lives in their soul journeys and live a holistic and

What's Happening?

Business Description

Phoenix Vision specializes in the subconscious and unconscious in order to help others to reach their full potential and manifest their heart's desires.  We work in recognizing and working through the energies, thought loops, and subconscious actions holding people back from achieving their goals.  We offer healing through various workshops, one-on-one sessions, and specialized transformational programs, and combine this healing with personalized recommendations to hand-picked holistic practitioners in order to help the mind, body, and soul heal with perfect congruency.  Such practitioners include acupuncturists, body work experts, massage therapists, herbalists, nutritionists, energy workers, chiropractors, life and business coaches, and more.  We believe in creating a community to maximize the efficiency of a person to reach their full potential and sit in the path that was destined for them, as well as to allow themselves to heal from all of their traumas, past and present.


The ability of the body to heal requires integration of various methods and modalities, as well as a relationship among all the energies and chakras within a person.  Phoenix Vision seeks to eliminate the costs of time lost, money wasted, and opportunity given away by taking out the trial and error aspect of one's growth with the use of this comprehensive and cohesive program of holistic healing.


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My Recommendations

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