Jefre Outlaw, Sprout

Sprout Tiny Home Builder/Developer
3300 Bee Caves Road, Ste #650-155
West Lake Hills
Residential home owners interested in a small home in the backyard of their existing home for family, short term or long term rental.
Area Director

Business Description

Tiny Home Builder, Texas

Sprout Tiny Homes is a uniquely talented team of entrepreneurs and custom home building personnel. We take pride in our unique ability to scale production for commercial projects to build the highest quality tiny homes with useful design, personality and chemical free interiors in mind. From our streamlined manufacturing facility to our network of innovative vendors, HVAC (Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning), furniture and high tech features, we are the most innovative manufacturer of tiny homes.

We are the largest Tiny Home builder in the US.  We build from:

  • Concept to creation, perfect form and function
  • With architectural appeal, efficient spaces, state of the art design and efficient process 
  • Mixing manufacturing efficiencies with craftsman style quality.
  • Net Zero tiny homes (meaning that over a year you would have net zero electric usage)
  • Superior Energy-Efficiency tiny homes, Chemical Free Interiors, Environmental Friendly with Minimal waste

We specialize in commercial real estate developments of our own and are working with public, private and government entities in Texas looking to build Tiny Home resorts, hotels, workforce and residential housing communities or other tiny home projects. We encourage public private partnerships for attainable housing and would like to be part of affordable housing solutions. 

Our minimum order is 5 – we have taken orders up to 1000 tiny homes per customer. Projects vary from tiny home resortsretirement solutions/retirement communitiestiny home villages, tiny home hotels etc.

Let us collaborate with your community, resort or other development in Texas. 

Article: How Sprout provided tiny homes for workers at ski resorts in Colorado

Accreditations & Qualifications

Jefre has 33 years of experience in investment and real estate. 

Sprout Tiny Homes are IRC and ANSI certified homes. 

IRC Certification ( International Residential Code for houses on foundation), meaning it is a legal house and built to this certified standard. 

ANSI Certification ( For Houses on Wheels).