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Bussines over Breakfast ( BoB Clubs) was founded in the UK. The first club was formed in Birmingham, England way back in 2004, the success of that club, which still meets and has retained a number of the founding members. Since 2004 BoB clubs have expand the number of clubs throughout the UK to around 120 and now also operate successful clubs around Canada (30) New Zealand (22) Australia (3) and we have recently established in Austin in Texas, India, Ireland Kenya and Malaysia.



We only allow one person per business category to join each club.  Imagine a club has 20 members each of whom have say just 100 business contacts. As you get to know every member individually, you will learn what a perfect referral looks like for them. They will learn what a perfect referral looks like for you. So, over time, once you really get to know every member, your potential clientele will increase to 2000 people.  People buy from people. 


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